Shirley Magazine has made my December by including “First Date” in Issue Six.


* * * * *

While writing The Horse Latitudes, I wrote an essay exploring my personal history with anger, and how writing changed everything. It’s called “Writing Angry, Writing Anger” and you can read it at Propeller.


* * * * *

October’s Liars’ League included my story “First Date”. The theme was Flesh & Bone.

This is a fantastic London reading series which pairs short stories with actors to be performed live.

Here is the excellent Clareine Cronin‘s performance from October 11, 2016.


* * * * *


I’m incredibly grateful that “Bleeder”, an excerpt from The Horse Latitudes,

will be included in the forthcoming anthology The Road Ahead,

due out in January 2017 from Pegasus Books.

A decade has passed since boots first hit the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet the war has not ended—only changed.  Twenty-five diverse veteran voices reflect the changing face of combat and reflect the haunting realities and truths only fiction can reveal.”

Pre-order it HERE.


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Grist, Issue 9 includes my first coming-home story, “Hypervigilance”.

Order it HERE.


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Clackamas Literary Review, Volume XX is out now.

It includes my story “Baptism” as well as a fantastic bunch of poets and writers.

Copies can be found here.


* * * * *


I am incredibly honored to receive this year’s Oregon Literary Fellowship for fiction,

awarded by Literary Arts.


* * * * *


War Stories 2015: An Anthology, published by Blue Skirt Productions,

includes my stories “V is for Valor” and “Sergeant Mills Watches a Fight”.

Available here.

“War Stories 2015: An Anthology is a collection of emotional and thought-provoking prose and poetry written by veterans and civilians exploring the effects of war. This book was made possible through the support of Post 134 and Oregon Humanities.


* * * * *


Sergeant Hicks Guards a Bomb” is in the newest issue of O-Dark-Thirty,

the quarterly literary journal of the Veterans Writing Project.


* * * * *

“First Sergeant Orders a Formation” is in Issue 15/16 of Gobshite Quarterly.

Order it here.


* * * * *

My story “Tidal” is included in The Night, and the Rain, and the River, a short story anthology from Forest Avenue Press.

Liz Prato, editor. Laura Stanfill, publisher. Gigi Little, cover design.

Ask for it at your local, independent book seller, or order it here.