“Bold and radiant and spare, The Horse Latitudes confronts the question of how to tell a true war story–and the results are breathtaking. Matthew Robinson writes with tenderness and gallows wit about American soldiers in Baghdad who come to grips with fear, grief, and desire in a hyper masculine military culture. A stark, exquisite dispatch.”       —Leni Zumas, Red Clocks

 “Robinson’s work is wholly original. One immediately understands that he will be taking us into territory that we have not had the privilege of reading about until now.”       —Dana Johnson, In the Not Quite Dark

The Horse Latitudes is an extraordinary debut that illuminates the dark corners of combat with grim, biting humor and matter-of-fact eloquence.”                          —Lily Brooks-Dalton, Good Morning, Midnight

“Robinson’s clear-eyed account of a band of young soldiers stationed in Iraq is remorseless yet compassionate, bone-dry yet fierce as the desert winds. Their voices linger long after the book is closed: you will not forget them.”                  —Diana Abu-Jaber, Life Without a Recipe

“Perhaps one of the more exemplary depictions of that true nature [of military service], a certain exception among other narratives…This is the military I remember. These things must be seen. These moments must be documented.”     —Consequence Magazine

“The writing is beautiful, tense, spare, violent, fragile, and full of humanity. The Horse Latitudes deserves its place alongside Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried and Kevin Powers’s The Yellow Birds as some of the best writing about the psychology of the modern soldier.”       –Michael K., Annie Bloom’s Books




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